Sunday, July 13, 2014


The second day of the biggest trade show of the year and I already made a new best friend.


I dont know who these kids are but I feel like I should and you should too.

These guys predict this year Hood and Hipster will meet and they are probably right on the money.

New 40's & Shorties socks coming to a Zumies near you.

The man behind the socks, DJ Drewbyrd.

Never leave the house without my gun or my girl.

This dudes pants are amazing and Agenda is the only place where I'm allowed to say that.

I'm taking a road trip to portland soon and one of these would come in handy.

If your taxi driver is taking the long way dont be afraid to put him in his place and give him directions, just dont be too hard on him.

Friday, July 11, 2014


It's trade show season and we hopped on an early flight to long beach even though flying makes me feel some type of way.

The man Rob always refers to as the most powerful man in streetwear, Mike Brown, was on our flight.

You're probably thinking: those guys standing there dont look very cool, why are they allowed in? They are not. A ton of thirsty dudes who want a peek at Agenda stand near the front desk hoping someone will mistake them for someone else so they can get in.

This was everyone's favorite thing to instagram here.

This is the cart the palatero started pushing when he started pushing.

Sittin on chrome spokes.

Favorite new brand is Matiere.

A perfect mix of cozy boy and kind of a contemporary americana. These pieces were made on a loop wheeler knitting loom which is a really old Japanese machine that makes incredibly tightly knit cloth. When these came into popularity in the west Nike snagged a bunch of them and started using them to make fancy ponchos and 200 dollar yoga pants that arent see-thru. There are a few left and Matiere has locked them down so they can bring you Japanese quality with American design and European influence.

I love that independent brands can take risks and make pieces like these drop crotch shorts. You can buy Matiere at Kitson now or you can wait til next year to get it at Neiman's and Saks.

You heard it here first.

Ladies and gentlemen captain of #TeamWayfare, father to be, and creative director at TRUE, Josh. He just came back from a 13 month sabbatical in Asia.

Focused space bodied the duffle game.

This is a drawing Mike Giant drew that came to life.

The Hurley printing press made me wait in line for a free shirt.

You thought your older brother's jeep was cool til you saw Red Bulls Land Rover Defender.

This is Ken Block's. He is from Long Beach so he is allowed to park in the convention center.

Also. This is my 1000th blog post. Happy 1000th post to me.

Saturday, July 5, 2014


Happy Independence Day, Will Smith killed the aliens so we could all watch the Kardashians marry rappers.

Thursday, July 3, 2014


Since tomorrow's the biggest burger holiday in America Matty Matheson put me on game.. From now on I will only use sharp knives, egg buns, fresh ground beef from the butcher and cast iron griddles.

Canada why didnt you tell me you had characters like Matty Matheson out there? Before him all I'd seen was drake and bieber and I was not impressed.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


My parents just got back from Mexico and they smuggled a shit ton of good stuff.

This is Mexican candy. It is amazing but it has never been sold here because of its high lead and red clay content. They're made by hand in small candy shops that are sprinkled across rural Mexico and are only sold during the Summer for some reason. I don't think anything I just said is true.

My folks got Wendy got a mexican blanket poncho which I think is very chic and summery. Ladies, stop dying half your hair blonde like the kardashians and just buy a poncho. Immediate style upgrade without looking like your roots grew out.

I got an auto-defensa fedora from a hat maker in Michoacan. Maury says... I AM the father.. of your style, son.

A couple years ago I bought illegal fireworks from some very paranoid high school kids in union city.. they sucked. The legal ones are really fun to photograph. I am doing that instead this year..

Unrelated: Who is Gina Luciano? How did she die? and why are her pictures flooding the popular page on my instagram?

Saturday, June 28, 2014


Sometimes you get in the car and drive to Santa Barbara and stay at a Ranch for a night. Sometimes.

Did I really stay at a ranch last night? Did I wake up to the smell of horse poo this morning?

Complimentary Palo Santo, business card with a picture of the inn looking exactly the same since it first opened in the 1950's and some vegan matches from the fair trade club they belong to. You aint more hipster than me.

I came to Santa Barbara to visit the fallen virgin Elliot Rodger's grave and to watch Yuna perform.

She put on one hell of a show.

My new favorite song. Produced by Pharrell Williams.

Pismo beach is that town from the episode of the simpsons where lisa gets a tie dye shirt and hangs out with the cool kids for a while.

Big Sur is another one of those places that doesn't look as amazing in pictures as it does in person.

Im going to start taking random road trips more often.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Show me something I've never seen on the internet before. I bet you can't. I will paypal you a hundred bucks if you do.

Saturday, June 21, 2014


Friday, June 20, 2014


Photography is an expensive hobby, a fickle profession, a dead trend and my chosen life path. I don't know that much about it I just know how to trick people into paying me for it. I couldn't afford art school so I figured I'd teach myself (with Google). The problem with googling everything is that you can only google things that you know you dont know, and that leaves you without the knowledge of the unknown unknowns.

This book changed that. Its a straight forward manual on how to take pictures without graphs or jargon or long pretentious complicated text.

Whenever I walk into a photography store I have to deal with the old photo club herbs who weren't good enough to be world renown artists but learned the craft well enough to make 10 bucks an hour working at a photo store. They will laugh at you for not knowing the difference between optical and digital viewfinders and push product on you like polarizing filters so they can make an extra 8 dollars that day.

With this book you'll never to have to worry about that.

Do you have a struggle blog that you'd like to get off the ground? Are you a girl who wants to take her selfies to the next level? This is the book for you.

Unrelated: I noticed a lot of traffic coming from Germany, do you guys read english or do you translate the page? and if so, does any of this make sense once its translated?